Breakfast delivery in Piacenza

A historic city with a wealth of sights requires hearty breakfast and brunch options, and in Piacenza, this is exactly what you get. Caffe latte and cornetto – not the ice cream, the Italian version of the French croissant – are exactly what you start your day with in a traditional city such as Piacenza. If you want something a little more dense, go for the crostata – a breakfast tart with berry or apricot jam inside. Italians love a light breakfast. Imagine having warm pastries and hot coffee delivered to you instead?

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Piacenza: Starting your day right

While breakfast isn’t too large an event in Piacenza, brunch is a whole other story. Simple but filling frittatas, crespelle filled with sweet or savoury options, and spinach and egg cups are all light and perfect brunch choices. Coffee and bread rolls with jam are a popular start to the day but also consider porridge, muesli or even a focaccia with prosciutto. Tasty, healthy light bites are the best way to start your morning in a city like Piacenza.

A sweet breakfast may feel alien to some but once you get in the swing of it, you won’t be able to look at a full English breakfast the same way; enjoy pastries for breakfast with a hot, frothy cappuccino. Lunch is usually the most important meal of the day and if you want to wake up to breakfast ready and brought to you then you’ll want to order with Deliveroo today.

When you order with Deliveroo, you can guarantee that the finest restaurants have been lined up for your delivery. Have a muse over the Piacenza breakfast section for a list of dishes to get your mouth watering.