Thai food delivery in Milan

Italians adore their national dishes but they also have a strong love for authentic Thai food. There are some good Thai restaurants in Milan's busy central areas too—great news for local residents. But, you don't have to queue. Forget the local takeaway and insist on restaurant quality cuisine. Order a spicy Thai spread with Deliveroo. Savor that rich coconut cream, garlic, galangal, lemongrass, kefir and essence of lime. The northern soup dish, khao soi, topped with crispy egg noodles, chopped shallots and fresh coriander is a firm favorite. Our fast, reliable home delivery is thanks to Deliveroo's simple online ordering system.

In Milan, Thai fare needs no introduction. The residents of Italy's northwest metropolis are familiar with smooth, creamy curries. They crave the mouth-watering, spicy stir fries and other classic dishes of The Orient that we know simply as Thai.

Milan: Thai food restaurant choices across the city

When people think of Milan they think of its reputation as the Italian capital of fashion and design. It's also something of a financial hub. The high-end restaurants and designer shopping make it a magnet for wealthy locals and tourists alike. But for the Milanese folks who live here year-round, this is their home. It's a vibrant Italian city packed with energetic locals, busy bars, bustling cafes and international restaurants.

Not everyone loves city crowds, and that's okay when tasty Thai food can come to you. What's on your starter dish, a lemongrass spicy shrimp soup with fragrant herbs and spices perhaps? Or maybe a nice hot, crisp plate of fried chicken with stir-fried veggies and cashew nuts. That always goes down well. And you don't have to travel to Thailand to enjoy that classic street dish.

A deep hot green curry with a hint of sweetness will tantalize any palate. Sample the delights of the northeast dish, som tam salad with sticky rice. Take it hot if you dare. When you're ready, choose your restaurant, place your order, and let Deliveroo bring Thai to your table.