Breakfast delivery in Italy

Traditional Italian breakfast is quite different to the rest of Europe, but it’s not all there is on the morning food table. People here, both locals and expatriates, also enjoy a continental spread and even a full-English fry-up. For those who like to stick with tradition, the sweet French toast treat is a great start to the Italian day. Enjoy the fresh bananas flambéed, soaked in a rich maple rum sauce. Take your time and savor that slight hint of vanilla, cinnamon and dash of rum.

Not everyone in Italy makes time for a proper breakfast, and that's a shame. Grabbing a quick takeaway snack on the way to work isn’t ideal either. Now that Deliveroo is in town, everyone can eat a quality breakfast. Look through our restaurant menus, choose your food and place your order. It really is that simple, you just leave the delivery to us.

Italy: Growing demand for Deliveroo's Italian breakfast delivery service

It's quite usual to begin the day in Italy with a hot beverage, like a cappuccino and expresso, and something sweet to eat. For those who like to keep mornings savory, frittatas make a great choice. Order with a range of ingredients and then relish every bite of this delicious breakfast. Frittatas are sautéed in delicious garlic, and then cooked to perfection with parmesan and fresh eggs. How do you take yours, served with sausage and freshly baked bread perhaps?

Need something more familiar on the plate? A couple of eggs, hash browns and a selection of ham or sausage always go down well in the morning. Some Texas-sized French toast is a regional favorite, so are breakfast sandwiches with cheese, eggs and hot or cold meats.

Breakfast pizza is another popular meal for some, with a choice of toppings served with tasty salsa sauce. If you're feeding the kids, you could start their day with a nutritious plate of scrambled eggs on toast and a little cheddar cheese if you want. Whatever your breakfast desire is in Italy, let Deliveroo fetch your early morning order.