Breakfast delivery in Milan

For the Milanese, breakfast is a sacred ritual. If there's no time for anything else in the day, there's always time for quality espresso and cappuccino at sunrise, along with fresh croissants. Classic fresh Italian pastries are usually on the breakfast order, including those soft, heavenly balls of fried delight known as bombolone. Breakfast in Milan is not restricted to Italian sweet pastries with creamy sweet fillings or breadcrumbs in coffee either. It can be, if that's what you desire, but there are plenty of other food choices on offer.

An Italian breakfast casserole will never let a hungry tummy down. Relish those layers of ham, salami, fresh eggs, bell peppers, onions and melted cheese. Order some Italian fresh sautéed tomatoes with eggs and fragrant basil. Add in a crusty baguette and you have the perfect start to any day. Let Deliveroo bring your next breakfast takeaway to the table.

Milan: Offering early morning breakfast treats

Everyone knows that Milan is home to the strongest two teams in the Italian soccer league—Inter and Milan. Its international fame stretches to the world of opera too, boasting one the biggest and certainly most well-known opera houses in all of Europe. The famed Teatro alla Scala has a seating capacity for 2000 guests. Milan, like the rest of Italy, is also famous for its national dishes, now one of the most widely adopted cuisines around the world.

The good news for early risers is that there's always a restaurant somewhere serving breakfast in Milan. Even better news is that you don't have to go out to eat, thanks to Deliveroo's early morning delivery service. Eggs in purgatory—uova al purgatorio—present the perfect breakfast dish with its fiery tomato sauce and aromatic spices.

A cheesy breakfast bowl with omelette, Italian sausages, onions and peppers baked to perfection inside a sourdough bread bowl is yet another classic dish. Perhaps you prefer a continental breakfast, or maybe the full English fry-up? Whatever takes your fancy, put it on your order and let Deliveroo bring it to your door.