Dessert delivery in Italy

Italy boasts several desserts that are the envy of the world. Some of these tasty delights look too good to eat, but eat them we must. Those who indulge in the country's classic sweet courses can never look at a supermarket takeaway dessert in the same way ever again. Although these moreish Italian treats are perfect with a cappuccino after a dinner, they're also ideal at any time of day or night.

The espresso-spiked Italian tiramisu is a little piece of heaven on a plate, and perhaps the ultimate dessert food, or close to it. The traditional Cassata siciliana from Sicily is another delicious choice made from yummy ricotta cheese and sponge cake with candied peel. Its luscious filling of creamy chocolate or vanilla will have you savor every single bite. Deliveroo is here in Italy folks, and we'll bring whatever quality dessert you desire from our partner restaurant menus.

Italy: Famous restaurant desserts delivered locally

Over the centuries, Italy's sweets have become as much a part of Italian food history as its main course staples. The only difference today is that no one has to wait for that special occasion before indulging in a heavenly treat. Go on, spoil yourself; enjoy a little me-time whenever it takes your fancy. Place your order with Deliveroo and let us take charge of the fetch and delivery side of things.

Spoil your taste buds with some scrumptious Italian panna cotta, presented with a colorful wild fruit coulis. Pause for a moment and marvel in the delicious thick caramel or creamy chocolate sauce before devouring this delectable dish. Browse Deliveroo's dessert menus and prepare to pamper your palate.

If it's a full-on Italian ice cream dessert you desire, you've got those options too. Put Tartufo di Pizzo on your next order. This amazing hazelnut and chocolate ice cream dessert delights everyone with its sensational chocolate fudge sauce. And the cocoa powder and sugar coating is nothing less than food art on a plate. Whenever you're ready to order your Italian dessert, we're ready to deliver your treat.