Greek food delivery in Italy

It's easy to appreciate delicious food with fresh ingredients and wonderful flavors - wherever it comes from. Italy certainly enjoys having cuisines from neighboring countries in its high streets. Greek food is as popular in Italy today as Italian fare is in Greece, offering something quite special to the foodies of this great nation. Honestly, who can resist Greek stuffed grape leaves, or dolmades, and spinach pie? As for hummus, well, that wonderful chickpea dip served with fresh pita bread is simply irresistible.

Dining out takes time and preparation, and booking a table takes forethought. If you want the food without all the commotion, then let Deliveroo take your restaurant order and bring the meal to your home or office. Don't suffer another day with a tasteless takeaway, not now that you don't have to.

Italy: The finest Greek restaurant meals brought to your door

Enjoying top quality Greek fare at home or at work is now an option, thanks to Deliveroo's local food delivery service. If you're too tired or too busy, say NO to TV dinners, cheap takeaways or slaving over a hot stove. Make eating in the new dining out experience. Be good to yourself; bring restaurant-quality Greek meals through your doors and dine in style. You know you deserve it.

Bring fresh homemade Greek potato salad to the table with a delectable house dressing. Explore those wonderful ingredients on the plate. Get some crisp lettuce, cucumbers, diced tomatoes and Greek peppers onto your fork. The tasty ham, red onions, feta cheese and kalamata olives add further to the explosion of flavors of this scrumptious dish.  

Meaty moussaka makes a great main course with its beautiful layers of potatoes and fresh eggplant.  The well-seasoned meat gravy topped with cheesy sauce is simply amazing. For poultry, a luscious chicken marsala will hit the spot—a dish sautéed to perfection with fresh mushrooms and shallots in a delightful marsala wine sauce. Whatever's on your Greek order, just sit back and relax because we’ll deliver it to you today.