Mexican food delivery in Italy

The people of Italy appreciate and accept the wonderful range of Mexican fare now on offer around their country. The only downside is that the best Mexican restaurants get packed, and that's not good for hungry people that want feeding. However, Deliveroo's Mexican food delivery service is the solution to this problem. Don't worry—we don't do the tacky takeaway runs either. We partner with the best Mexican eating places in your locality and bring restaurant quality meals to your doorstep. Once you place your order with us, we'll get our Deliveroo wheels into motion right away.

A plate of chili fries with hot melted cheese always makes for a great appetizer. Take it with sour cream or a delightful tomato salsa. A dish of spicy chicken wings is another Mexican delight, served with a rich blue cheese dip or BBQ sauce, and perhaps a fresh stick of celery.

Italy: Discover delicious Mexican menus through Deliveroo

Mexicans and Italians share a few things in common, at a cultural level at least. Both peoples speak a Latin language, share a positive outlook and revel in colourful joie de vivre. They also have a love of great food—authentic meals cooked from the heart. Chili burritos with a choice of minced beef, chicken or vegetables are a great example of that.

The exquisite chili burrito comes wrapped in a delicate flour tortilla with Mexican refried beans. Seriously, who can say no to that spicy cheese sauce topping, sour cream and tasty salsa served with rice? The minced beef or chicken taco is another hot favourite in Italy. Order this with a unique blend of Mexican spices, shredded lettuce, cheddar, sour cream and the chef’s special salsa mix.

For a more modern twist, maybe Tex-Mex baby back ribs are what you're looking for. These succulent slow-cooked mouthwatering pork ribs come with a sensational southern comfort BBQ sauce that's finger-licking perfect. A serving of chili con carne will also satisfy any palate it comes into contact with. Whatever takes your fancy today, order with Deliveroo and we’ll deliver it in no time.