Chinese food delivery in Italy

When it comes to world cuisines, Italian food is right up there, not only with its national dishes but also the impressive range of international fare on offer here. Chinese food is a hot favorite in the country, but the best eating places can get overcrowded. For those who prefer to eat in, the regular takeaway used to be the only option on the table. Well, that was then and this is now. Deliveroo is a local restaurant food delivery company and we're here in Italy. That means you can order from the best restaurant menus without setting foot outside.

How would you like to start your Chinese spread today? Fancy a plate of sensational king prawns, prepared with fresh ginger, served with spring onions. For delicious Chinese soups, wonton or egg drop noodle will certainly whet your appetite. Delectable pan-fried Peking dumpling is another great appetizer to consider.

Italy: Quality Chinese chow delivered to Italy's homes and workplace

Italians and their world famous cuisine have had a profound influence on the global food culture, but they're not alone. The extensive range of quality Chinese chow has also earned its place at the world food table. And authentic Chinese fare is here in Italy, much to the delight of Asian food lovers around this fascinating European country.

Chinese food offers plenty of choices to suit all palates, and that includes vegetarians. Check out the Peking-style set meals if you don't want to pick and mix your order. Begin with a hot, sour soup followed by the delicious and aromatic crispy duck dish. Follow that up with a little crispy deep fried shredded beef with a touch of chili and some diced Kong-Po pork. Plus, don’t forget the egg-fried rice and serving of stir-fried mixed veggies on your order.

Not sure what to have? The simple sweet and sour chicken dishes or beef with Chinese vegetables are surefire winners. For a light breakfast or lunch, dim sum won't let you down. Just place your order with Deliveroo, and we'll get our delivery wheels rolling without further delay.