Indian food delivery in Italy

Today you can find great Indian food all over Italy. It pleases the palates of the thousands who cherish these exotic dishes from the sub-continent. However, dining out in Italy's best Indian restaurants is not ideal for folks who don't enjoy the hustle and bustle of crowded spaces. If you can relate, you're in the right place. Deliveroo has many Indian restaurant partners across the country, and that's brilliant news for anyone who prefers to eat in. It means you can order from your favourite menus, and let us take care of the delivery.

Forget the tacky takeaway and treat yourself to a proper meal. Enjoy a spread prepared by expert chefs in the best local Indian restaurants. Don't forget the plain or spicy poppadoms with your order, and maybe a pickle tray and some dhal soup to whet your appetite. Whatever you desire, Deliveroo will bring it over.

Italy: Authentic Indian restaurant food delivered locally

Europe is so in love with quality Indian fare that the most popular curries have become part of the national cuisine—well almost. Italy is no different. Just about everyone loves a good chicken tikka masala with its special blend of herbs and oriental spices. Lamb korma is another Indian specialty to die for. Just wait until you taste that unique mix of yogurt and almond paste - it’s delicious!

What whets your appetite, a delightful mutton biryani perhaps? Enjoy those tender lamb pieces surrounded by fresh Indian herbs and dried fruit served with scrummy basmati rice. Or how about tasty cod masala with onions, presented with a wonderful garnish and seasoned with fresh coriander. Add some rogan sauce & pilau rice and there's perfection on a plate.

The authentic mushroom bhaji and aloo gobi with cauliflower and potatoes are popular vegetarian choices. A traditional specialty, like meat or veggie dhansak, gives you a slightly hot meal, cooked with pineapple and lentils. It's a dish that produces a unique sweet and sour taste that's simply superb. Only you know what you like, so pick your favourite, or try something new and we'll take care of the rest.