Lebanese food delivery in Italy

Italy is a land of food lovers and it doesn’t start and end with national dishes either. Today, you can find authentic Lebanese fare in most of the towns and cities across the country. The fresh ingredients, wonderful textures, amazing tastes and tantalizing aromas make Lebanese one of the world's most popular cuisines. To enjoy the full experience you have to skip the cheap takeaway options and go straight for the real deal.

No one can prepare meals from ancient Lebanon like the natives, but you don't have to dine out to indulge. Our online menus mean anyone can order restaurant quality dishes and have Deliveroo bring them to the home or workplace. The moment you start on that humus dip with olive oil, garlic sauce, lemon, salt, and tahini paste, you’ll know you're in for a treat. It's the same thing with a vegetable falafel and tahini sauce.

Italy: Luscious Lebanese food delivered across the country

Lebanese people are famous for their warm hospitality and generosity at the dinner table. It’s a land of age-old traditions and amazing food culture. Now they're sharing their exotic cuisine with the people of Italy, and we're grateful for that. Plus, if you don't want to eat out—don't! Forget the hassle of ordering a taxi or taking on the traffic, because Deliveroo specialise in local food delivery. Stay at home and we’ll bring the food from our quality partner restaurants.

So what's it to be? Loubieh bi zeit will certainly get your taste buds dancing for a starter. This is a delicious Lebanese appetizer. Offering green beans, cooked with onion and garlic cloves in a special tomato sauce, they’re simply sensational. For a main, maybe consider batata harra. Enjoy those small, perfectly prepared deep-fried diced potatoes, cooked with green chilies, onions and seasoned with fresh coriander leaves.

The Lebanese lamb stew dish is a lot more exciting than it sounds. Chopped onions, carrots, and small potatoes accompany the tender cooked pieces of diced lamb in a heavenly tomato gravy. There's lot of delicious food on offer. Place your Lebanese order with Deliveroo—you won’t regret it.