Sushi delivery in Italy

Japan has played around with its own version of the Italian staple, aptly called Japanese-style pasta. However, in Italy, there's been no meddling with Japanese fare, meaning authentic sushi is still very much sushi. That's great news for those who enjoy this Far Eastern cuisine. As the modern Italian lifestyle changes, and the towns and cities become more cosmopolitan, the demand for sushi rises. Yet, dining out the Japanese way hasn't caught on like the food. But, don't let this force you to settle for supermarket takeaway sushi, because there's another way.

We're Deliveroo, your local food delivery people ready to bring quality meals to your tables. We've partnered with some of the best Japanese restaurants and sushi bars across the country. Now you can enjoy traditional Japanese sushi without the restaurant. Browse the delicious maki, nigiri, sashimi, temaki and uramaki options on our menus, and place your order.

Italy: Superb Sushi orders with Deliveroo's local delivery

Deliveroo has found the best sushi spots in towns and cities near you. If you're ready to devour some amazing sashimi, rolls, soup and saké, then let us know. If you're unsure of what to order, go for a simple set meal or choose from the range of tasty appetizers. Or you could order straight from the sushi & sashimi a la carte menus.

Tuna tartar is a favorite in Italy with its layer of spicy fresh tuna, seaweed salad & wasabi tobiko. Although, if you prefer something a bit meatier, the mouth-watering beef tataki will have you craving more. Just bite into it and savor those thinly-sliced rare beef pieces. It’s an exquisite dish, typically served with grated daikon and scallions with a radish and ponzu dipping sauce.  

However, no sushi spread is complete without a few delectable rolls, maki or temaki. The crabmeat, fresh avocado and cucumber gives us the classic California roll - a favourite with everyone. The Alaska maki is another, with its irresistible salmon, crunchy cucumber and creamy avocado mix. You know what you like, and if it's on our menus, Deliveroo's fast delivery service will provide your delicious Japanese food.