Italian food delivery in Italy

It's no surprise that the best Italian food in the world is right here in Italy. But when someone else does the cooking, not all eateries and chefs are equal. It's why Deliveroo has cherry-picked and partnered with only the best eating places in your locality. When you don't want to cook or drag yourself out to a restaurant, we'll bring the restaurant quality food right to your door. Forget the drab takeaway, order your next meal from our quality menus and prepare for a treat.

How do you like to start your meal, with chef's soup of the day perhaps? Or you could always opt for national favorite bruschetta. This is toasted Italian bread at its finest, drenched in quality olive oil, served with a delicious topping of tomatoes, garlic and basil. Italian-style chicken wings—ali di pollo—is another yummy appetizer with its cheesy, homemade sauce.

Italy: Delivering the best Italian food across the country

We certainly love our classic wines, cheeses and wonderful variety of pasta like penne, lasagna spaghetti, fusilli and linguine. Even so, the entire range of national and regional Italian cuisine is so much more, and nothing short of amazing. Take potato gnocchi Napoli in a rich tomato sauce topped with the finest mozzarella. It'll put a smile on any face.

If you yearn for poultry, pollo funghi will surely please your palate. This grilled chicken fillet dish served with porcini and succulent white mushroom will have you craving for more. If you've got kids at the table, the Italian classics will keep them happy and quiet. Think spaghetti pomodoro, lasagna, spag bol, and chicken stripes with fries or yummy pizza. Browse our menus and take your pick.

Popular main courses include risotto ai funghi served with juicy Italian porcini mushrooms. For fish lovers, look to the salmon la dolce vita. How can anyone resist that perfectly cooked fresh salmon with prawns, presented with a scrumptious cherry tomato sauce to die for? Whatever you desire, check the menus and place your order with Deliveroo today.