Japanese food delivery in Italy

The quality Japanese restaurants in Italy don't only cater for Far Eastern expats and tourists. Italians have also embraced this fresh, appetizing Asian cuisine with a passion. Japanese food (washoku) is growing in popularity for very good reason. Fresh seasonal ingredients, fish, pickled veggies, and vegetables cooked in special broths are a welcome change from the heavier, western fare. Eating out—Japanese style—might not be everyone's idea of fun, but the food certainly is.

If the cheap sushi takeaway has put you off, it's time to press the reset button. Authentic Japanese sushi and other meals from the Land of the Rising Sun are nothing like the supermarket imitations. Deliveroo's local Japanese food delivery service brings the best Japanese chow from the finest restaurants to your door. Perhaps you can start with a traditional miso soup? A tasty fish broth, with miso paste, tofu, wakame and green onion.

Italy: Order from Italy's fine Japanese restaurant menus

Tastes in food are changing with Italy's shifting lifestyles. The Japanese restaurant scene is expanding to meet the increased demand for East-Asian cuisines. First came the sushi bars, but now other dishes are welcomed in the best eating places, classics like udon, soba, okonomiyaki and more. Best of all is that it's available for local delivery now that Deliveroo has arrived in a town near you. Head online to see the menus of all our high-quality partner restaurants.

This is delicious fare prepared in the best local kitchens around. Relax at home or eat at work and leave the Japanese food etiquette for those who enjoy restaurant crowds and dining protocol. Order some chicken teriyaki and savour that succulent grilled meat with fresh veggies and sensational teriyaki sauce.

How about some vegetable yakisoba—Japanese fried noodles at their best. Delve into that mixed dish of beautiful bean sprouts, mushroom, carrot, onion and Chinese leaf. Plus, you can think about some authentic sushi too. Relish every bite of the delicately vinegared rice, complemented by a variety of fillings and toppings to suit your taste. All you have to do is place your order, and Deliveroo will take care of the rest.