Vegetarian food delivery in Italy

Vegetarians in Italy are not the only ones to enjoy the wonderful range of meatless fare these days. Many people relish a good veggie-only spread too, or use it to complement other meat dishes. Long gone are the days of the drab salads or the tasteless, unappealing vegetable lasagnas. If you don’t want to cook at home or dine out then don’t. But don't deprive yourself and settle for some boring takeaway either.

That’s because Deliveroo is in a town near you. We're your local vegetarian food delivery company waiting to take your order. Browse our vegetarian restaurant menus online and put a meal together with a few clicks. Maybe start with some samosas—irresistible dumplings stuffed with fresh veggies and chutney. If you want to keep things Italian, the amazing spinach lasagna roll-ups are a tasty option. Or, how about some sensational lemony ricotta pasta with fresh basil?

Italy: Delicious Vegetarian meals available for delivery

Today's choices in quality plant-based meals are so delicious you don't even miss the meat. Best of all is that most of the world's cuisines today offer veggie-only options on the menu. That's great news for Italy's vegetarians. Treat yourself, and maybe order a veggie pizza with fresh spinach, creamy avocado and gooey mozzarella. Alternatively, a light baked macaroni and cheese with succulent mushrooms and crunchy red peppers is sure to satisfy any hungry stomach.  

Moving away from Italy to Asia, think about a classic stir-fried Chinese eggplant dish with garlic, green onions and a sweet chili glaze. Thai-style coconut-based vegetable curries are other sensational choices available. The yellow curry with crisp silky tofu, peanuts and luscious mushrooms is a surefire winner.

For a hearty snack, look to the nutritious black bean burgers with oozy mozzarella cheese, the tang of balsamic onions and a fresh crunchy slaw on the side. Baked squash options provide more incredible choices. Consider savoury pancakes with spinach and white cheese stuffing. Take your time, build your vegetarian spread online, and then let Deliveroo run with your order. It’s really that simple and what’s more, we won't take long, promise.