Halal food delivery in Italy

Finding halal food in Italy is easier today than it's ever been. That's great news for folks who follow the halal food principles. Yet there're always times when shopping for groceries, cooking, and dining out become necessary evils. The only respite in the past was to grab a quick takeaway, but hey, they're not usually the tastiest meals, are they! Times are changing now that Deliveroo has arrived in towns and cities across Italy. We're your local 100% halal food delivery people at your service. We take your online meal orders and bring quality restaurant meals right to your front door.

How about a fried or grilled chicken dinner today, served with bread and butter, a baked potato, soup and a side salad? Or perhaps you're in the mood for a tasty pizza. Enjoy a mouthwatering combination of halal beef sausage, onions, succulent mushrooms, green peppers and melted mozzarella cheese.

Italy: Order Halal meals using Deliveroo's local food delivery

The demand for halal food in Italy grows at more than 15% every year. It’s why the Italians take halal very seriously. In fact, Italy is considering promoting the country as a hub for halal food in the European region. When you order online with Deliveroo, we guaranteed delivery of 100% quality halal meals from some of the best kitchens in town.

If you fancy an appetizer, our partner restaurant menus have plenty to offer. Crispy spring rolls with mixed veggies or a selection of delicious meats always go down well at the table. Seasoned chicken satay on skewers is another guaranteed snack to whet the appetite. Or you could opt for Thai-style fish cakes or a nice papaya salad. If it's on your order, we’ll get it to you in no time.

For curries, choose from beef flank, or chicken bathed in special, aromatic spices, served with boiled white or brown rice. If a vegetarian dish is more your thing, check out the deep fried tofu, eggplant and green beans with sea salt. Order from our halal menus and we'll be with you soon